Xbox X & PS Pro – Argument To Owning Both?

The XBox One X will be out soon, and the PS pro has been available for some time. Many gamers tend to favour one or the other console. But is there an argument for those of us who already own a PlayStation pro to purchase a Xbox one x?

On November 6th the xbox one x will be launched and many will be hunkered down playing their great new console. I for one have one on preorder, the project scorpio edition. However, as excited as I am about this potential purchase, there is something nagging me constantly about whether really it’s warranted, more so given that I already own a PS pro. I’m a geek, hell that’s why I do this channel to vent my internal geek out. I’ve seen every development of gaming console since it all began in the 70s. Whenever possible I’ve purchased the latest consoles since the PlayStation and Xbox first appeared. Every console I’ve bought from Sony and Microsoft, I’ve always ended up playing the PlayStation more. Furthermore, there has been times where I’ve not touched the Xbox one for months and I’ve had two of them, the second purchased again thinking I was missing out after selling the first. Only ending up layer selling the Xbox one. So am I doing it again? Am I simply being a geek who’s am easy sell? Does owning an Xbox one x give me anything much more than I don’t already have from the PS pro. I think not but I may still buy the Xbox one x just because.

The Xbox one x is certainly more powerful, but is it really going to make a massive visual impact when only some exclusives have true 4k, the rest are either checker boarding or adaptive. Oddly the very thing the die hards with Xbox were critizing the PS pro over. Further more, having played both true 4k games and checkerboard on PC and then PS pro, its hard to tell the difference in most games. We are simply too busy playing the game. It does include a 4k bluray but if you already have one and chances are if you have a 4k TV you have. The sound is atmos too, which is great if you have a atmos system which I have and I love and makes a difference. But is that worth the price of entry. The exclusives top are thin on the ground and only really forza excites me and for my driving fix I could just get gran turismo sport on the PS pro. So what am I missing?

Right now, there is a chance that I may keep my preorder and lay down over $499 + for the console and game. I’m sure I will adore forza always have and preferred it over GT, but is that enough? Am I just getting that geek drug of missing out?


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1 thought on “Xbox X & PS Pro – Argument To Owning Both?

  1. On paper Xbox One X has all the specs but it also has the price tag to match. It does 4K gaming as it should be @60fps and titles wont need additional code or tweaks within the settings which are hidden away ( ps pro). But i wont be getting one because my Ps pro plays the games and VR good enough for me at this time… Not sure that £450 pounds is worth spending on getting 60fps on every game . If of course your favourite game is an xbox exclusive then they could swing it. Ive had both older Xbox and PS consoles at the same time and always used the PS more to the point my xbox one just became a dust magnet….Xbox One X just does not up the game enough from the PS pro to make me change…..

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