Xbox One X Sells Out, Super, Super Quick!

Xbox One X pre-orders went live, immediately after the Xbox Showcase at GamesCon in Germany last Sunday. Not only were the pre-orders going live, but Microsoft teased a unique ‘Day One Edition’ named after it’s code name ‘Project Scorpio’. These were first to sell out super quick on Amazon, quickly followed by the standard Xbox One X.

It comes as no surprise that the console sold out of pre-orders very quickly. No word yet on whether Amazon, Target, Best Buy etc will be allocated further pre-order quotas, but fingers crossed.

However, what was surprising, was how lacklustre the GamesCon was for the Xbox One X. Still no real blow away games, the same old mixed messages and just very dull. What is alarming is that Microsoft seem to have forgotten all their previous mistakes from prior launches. Guys, everyone knows and so should you by now, that if you launch new hardware, it’s not just about the hardware, it’s ALL about the games!

Given that Playstation is still selling like crazy and even teased something very odd this week, of a product hiding under a red cover … surely this can’t be some new hardware from Sony? Add to that, the games the Playstation has out already for the Pro and standard console are incredible and more to come.

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