Xbox One X Bricking [Update] – Now Three Problems?

Last week I created a video that polarised the gaming community regarding the faulty Xbox One X’s appearing on YouTube and elsewhere – thankfully, mine works as do most. In that video, I simply explained what could be the issue with those that a failing after a few days and provided what many considered a compelling possible reason.

After a week of the video going a little bit viral and receiving a lot of abuse from one sector of a community that is known to be very vocal in expressing hate. It appears that the issue could be one of three things so far!

Last week I pointed out that one possible reason for failing Xbox One X’s could actually be the Thermal Paste drying out. This was shown in a couple of tear downs on YouTube. For the record., thermal paste should remain tacky, and not dry out. It’s not a glue, it doesn’t bind or stick. It’s a heat conductive product that helps contact between the copper plate of the cooling plate the CPU. When this dries out, it can cause air pockets, and becomes very inefficient. Leading to the CPU to overheat. Causing a failsafe to kick in and shut down the CPU. That’s how most CPU’s work. The chip inside the Xbox One X, hopefully has such a feature, but it’s a custom CPU/GPU in one. Who knows!

Trawling around the Internet, the other possible reason is the Power Cable. How these could be faulty is hard to imagine. Given the nature of power cables, it’s not something really ever to cause issue. Further, there is nothing special about the power cable and those facing the issue with their Xbox One X have tried other power cables, with no joy. Some are saying it’s the user not pushing the power cable into the console far enough. Personally I find that hard to believe. Every gamer is familiar with how these cables work and have used them on other hardware many times.

Some are saying that it’s the Power Supply Unit. This is a possilble reason. Think of it this way. The old xBox One had a huge power brick. This is the first time the PSU is actually in the case, an incredible feat, given how slim this console is. The fan and cooling setup, cools not only the CPU/GPU chip, but also directed from there to cool the PSU also. Power Supply Units get very hot and perhaps, some are getting too hot, for whatever reason. It’s not unheard of for PSU to die. I’ve had that happen to me over the years on various devices and on PC’s too, so it’s not out of the question.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t help those that have no console right now and thankfully, so far, these issues seem isolated. As I’ve been told a million times by the very vocal gaming community of Xbox gamers, this happens with every console. Perhaps, maybe it does, but the point is that it’s happened and I’m not saying it will happen to yours, or everyone’s brand new Xbox One X, I hope it doesn’t happen to mine. My concern is that it happened to some and those people now do not have a console to enjoy. If the cause is found, then perhaps then, in will happen no longer. That is my point my Xbox friends.

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