Xbox One X Atmos Sound Issue [Update]

It’s been a short while after my Xbox One X sound issue video. Where I wasn’t too sure if the problem was just me, as an isolated issue, or wider spread. Well, judging from the comments on the last video and looking further afield on reddit. The Atmost setting or app is to blame. It seems I’m not the only one. Still no official word from Microsoft regarding it, unless I’ve completely missed it, in which case, let me know. There was some patch, but I’ve not noticed anything, in fact things are now worse. Just to recap what the issue is. For some reason, when the Xbox One X is on, but not playing any sound, and I’m not using the controller, even for say 10 seconds or so. When I return, the sound is off, no sound whatsoever. The only fix for me, which is temporary, is turning my AV amp off and on again. Sometimes, I will have to do this several times during a session. It’s happened a few times during games, when they go quiet for instance for suspense and then it stays quiet, ruining the moment. It never used to do this, it was fine and then about a month, maybe less, it started doing it and will now no longer quit?

The current only fix, it in settings revert to 7.1 or 5.1 and not Atmos, but that kinda defeats the object. Furthermore, when Atmos is running, for instance when watching a Netflix Atmos movie, there is no problem. As a note, the best Atmos wow moment for me, was one that was really simple. The film Mudbound, on Netflix, is great and Atmos is used sparringly and subtly – best moment is the rain, it’s all over everywhere and all you hear is rain, on the roof around you. Watch the movie anyway, it’s worth it, but if you have Atmos, it’s worth it just to sit in awe at the glory of Atmos – when it’s working!

My question then is! How many people are affected by this. Surely not everyone who is using their Xbox One X for Atmos is having this same issue? Or are they? Given that it’s been a few months and Atmos is a thing, a big thing for Xbox One X, why isn’t it being addressed by Microsoft, or is the problem with Dolby and their app? Here’s another question, does the Atmos settings on a PC, for those that run a PC through their AV on Atmos, suffer from the same thing, as I believe it uses the same app? It needs fixing for sure.

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