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Today I’m going to be talking a little bit about the differences in HDMI standards in cables and what that means to you. I won’t be talking about the different connectors on cables because that’s pretty much self-explanatory we’ve got a sort of mini HDMI and standard HDMI cables are male and female and that’s pretty much all you need to know on this different sort of connectors. But the important thing is what type of cable you’re getting and what standard does it have. And that has an impact on the ability of that cable to deal with the bandwidth that’s being pushed through there. The amount of data that’s being pushed through from the device that you’re pushing that data from to the display. Now when HDMI when HDMI first came out it was the defacto means of connecting a HD source two to an output to a screen or monitor or projector. And the first standard was a one point four and this allowed 10 89 720 p and you really couldn’t go wrong. There was just one cable that did did it all and this remain that way for a good number of years. But back in the early days all it was was ten eighty seven twenty P and it remained that way for a good number of years and it wasn’t until sort of four K came along and four K panels came along that they realized that there was a requirement for more data to be pushed through this cable and that cable really wasn’t capable of dealing with the amount of bandwidth the amount of data that was being pushed through it.

So a new standard came along and a new sort of form of cable came along and that was the hatred how am I to afford everything that HDMI one point four offered but it allowed at a much higher bandwidth of 18 gigabits per second which allowed the support of 4 k a 60 frames per second. So this was a huge shift from one point four to HDMI to now HDR again requires the recall the need for more bandwidth. You would you would ideally need a 2.0 a cable. Now this allows HD HDR and also allows for okay. It also allows standard HD services so they’re all sort of go back but you certainly don’t need it. Hedge TMI 2.0 a 4 for k but I would certainly recommend it if you are using HDR now we’ve come finally to where we are today with HDMI. Two point one. Now these are the latest ones that are coming that are that are out now. They’ve been around a short while maybe I think maybe a couple of years 18 months or so they’ve become more prevalent and basically they allow for faster refresh rates.

So say if you’re using a gaming panel a gaming monitor or a gaming TV gaming TV is about that require and you’re connecting it to a P.C. or perhaps you’re looking to get a PSA 5 or an x box Scarlett which are aiming at you know 60 frames plus per second. If you got a P.C. with a high speed super fast same video 2080 graphics card that’s pushing out games at 120 frames per second or more you would need and you’ve got a high refresh rate TV or or monitor in many cases or gaming monitor you would need the ability to push that data out really quickly and the only real cable that can do that is a two point one I’d hates to my two point one again offers the same things that are off the all the previous cables offer for K HDR enhanced HD on 2.0 a 2.0 for K and 60 frames per second and one point four ten eighty and 720 ISO it’s all backwards compatible but if you want a high refresh rate you’ve got a high speed panel or high speed TV with a huge refresh rate and you’re pumping out a game at 120 plus frames per second. You are going to need a cable that can deal with that amount of refresh. That amount of speed and it will say a lot of cables sort of from 2.0 a to two point one will say high speed cable but it’s important that if you’re connecting it to if you say if you’re going for HDR I would pretty much recommend going for two point one anyway simply because you have that sort of your future proofing a bit because two point one is going to be a wire around for a while before we move on.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that a lot of cables will say high speed cable and just give the 18 gigabits. That’s all well and good but it could just be a standard HDMI 2.0 cable. So if you’re a bit like me and you’re a bit of a geek and a nerd and you’re gonna be buying the new consoles that are going to be coming out next year and you’re a big P.C. gamer as well such as me then such as I am getting this g 10 then of course get to point one which which should last you a good few years before we start to move to a K No. We’ll start again. I hope this helps. Any thoughts. Let me know what tech you’re connecting. Let me know what things you’re excited about buying. I love to hear about people and their gadgets. Don’t forget to subscribe. Click the bell and what not. Give me a thumbs up and all that lovely stuff and I’ll see you next time. Take care.

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