What Is Killing Xbox One X’s?

The Xbox One X is an amazing 4k HDR spitting, game enhancing, fun packed bundle of good stuff. Expensive good stuff, but good nonetheless. We are all in awe at the 4k loveliness of Forza and wonder at Assassins Origins. It’s cool, it’s exciting, it’s new and it’s possibly, perhaps likely to die on you!

Remember the 360, ah what an amazing time that was with the PS3 and the 360 coming out and then this [show red ring of death]…. year we all remember that and I am sure Microsoft did, because they had to replace thousands of consoles and kinda made a big balls of it.

Times change, we all learn a lesson and the Xbox one appeared, no real issues, no RROD and no huge replacement scheme – fabulous. Perhaps then Microsoft has learned their lesson and all is good.

Advance a few more years and here we are with the Xbox one X, a wonderful beast of a console, I love it. But I’m concerned, and perhaps if you have one so should you!

There has been a number of reports on YouTube and elsewhere that the Xbox One X is dying after a few days. People are enjoying their consoles, zipping around a 4K version of Brands Hatch in a Porsche and then nothing, blank screen, console turns off, as in completely off. Bugger! OK turn it back on, perhaps it just crashed, but then the reality hits and it doesn’t turn on, at all, nothing, dead. Microsoft suggest unplugging it for a month … ok 20 seconds or so and trying again! Nope, that doesn’t work either.

Now there has been a few reports on this on YouTube, a YouTuber called [My Mate Vince] had this very problem and shows it in his video, the link is in the description.

Here’s the worrying part. Usually when something dies like that, it’s something big and quick… CPU/GPU etc! Look at this other video of a teardown by Tronics Fix, you can watch the full tear down in the link in the description below, but the part I’ve edited here, shows what could possibly be the culprit and it’s not good, not good at all. Looking at the thermal paste on the chip, it should be tacky, but as you can see here, it’s dry and dry paste doesn’t conduct heat well at all, and can cause localised overheating and burnout. Resulting in a dead console.

Could this be a new RROD, could we see more of this over time or are these hopefully just isolated, but it is a concern. Are we down the road, a year from now, going to see a lot more day one Xbox one X’s die, and then be out of warranty.

What do you think? What do you believe the problem could be, or do you think like I do, that this could be the problem? Are we going to see another RROD? And I wonder how much Microsoft are looking into this?

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