What is Film Maker Mode?

At CES 2020 we were presented with a myriad of new tech, new robots and of course new TV’s. The focus very clearly on 8K and the beginnings of more affordable 8K TV tech – still expensive of course, for now. Part of the press conferences and keynotes from the likes of LG and Panasonic was the brief mention of Film Maker Mode. Which Samsung has announced will also be coming to their 2020 TV’s also. So what on earth is Filmmaker mode, why are directors so happy to see its arrival and why should you care? 

Film Maker Mode is basically a magic button that turns off all post-processing on your TV. Something that I’m sure Tom Cruise is delighted to hear! It is important, however, to have a mode that does indeed turn off post-processing. I’ve been banging on about post-processing for years and why in calibrations it should be at least limited or at best turned off. Unfortunately, the average Joe, a good proportion of people, do not touch their TV settings, aside from perhaps the colour and brightness. Those settings hidden away in the expert’s settings are rarely touched. As a result, most people watching movies on their TV’s wonder why it doesn’t look anything like it does in the cinema. The simple reason being of course, that Cinema doesn’t throw a tonne of post-processing on 4K images, creating that awful soap opera effect and making the image seem artificial. 

To have then an option or a button, that simply turns off those settings and perhaps adjusts the other settings to align with cinematic standards (much like many of my calibrations do), then that can only be a good thing. More so, were if this came on automatically by reading the metadata from the movie and adjust the image accordingly – freeing the user from having to turn it on or off. Then further still, if the user doesn’t want their TV to automatically adjust, they can turn it off within the menu.

Could this be the end of calibrations for TV’s, not quite, not yet, but it does mean that over time, more and more people will be watching content as it was meant to be seen. Something that Tom Cruise has been wanting of so long and me for that matter.

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