What is Dolby Vision IQ

Just when you thought we didn’t have enough HDR formats there is a new kid on the block, well new in the sense that it’s another HDR format, but not a new developer. Once again, Dolby being the synonymous name associated with surround formats and have an equally impressive vision development team too. Have announced Dolby Vision IQ. Apparently this is the one we’ve all been waiting for, apparently. 

Currently, the top dogs in terms of both adoption and technical specification are HDR10+ from Samsung and of course Dolby Vision. Most TV’s the last couple of years have either one or the other. Some a year older than those have, HDR10 on their Samsung TV and we won’t go into Samsung breaking their promise of updating the KS series to HDR10+. A few are now sporting both HDR10+ and Dolby Vision. Both read the incorporated dynamic metadata, adjusted on the fly from scene to scene. Which is great, and begs the question, what on earth can Dolby Vision IQ do, that the others don’t already.

Many new sets now, certainly those toward the higher end, have ambient light sensors, to then adjust the lighting of the TV based on the ambient light within the room it is in. Making it less eye retina-burning on bright scenes, and easier to view darker scenes. We have of course had something similar on our mobile phones, to a much more basic level. Dolby then have used these sensors creatively by measuring the dynamic metadata from the source, but also then using that in conjunction with the rooms ambient light, to adjust the HDR output based on those two aspects. Therefore making it more attuned to the environment the TV is in, rather than a one size fits all approach. 

This is all speculation of course, but I’m not too sure what else it could be that relates to the delivery of HDR to the consumer. What do you think it will be?


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