Updating Sucks, Seriously!

Firmware and Software updates are all now part of owning a high tech gadget, it’s an expected, every now and again the manufacturer with send us the latest updates, upgrades and more to make our shiny new tech sing that little bit sweeter. The reality is somewhat different, not only is it relatively common to find that an update doesn’t only solve the old problem, but creates new ones. That updates to fix that update are sporadic, but also different countries get newer updates ahead of others, or some cases not at all.

Owning tech is like a full time job. Not only do we have to micro manage all sorts of things within them, but we on occasion have to update them too. Usually, this is because of something not working quite as expected, or a security patch, or sometimes a new feature is added. Many times, it’s to fix the lazy programming of the original software that they threw out in the last 5 mins of development, because the release window has arrived. The usual, hey let’s get it out there and we will fix it in the market place, when the consumer is using it. This is becoming very common. Hardware that is mostly ok, but the software running the hardware falling down, sometimes in huge cases as we have seen in the last MU series of TV’s from Samsung in the UK being bricked by an update.

The trouble is compounded further, that many companies will deny there is anything particularly wrong with their software, it will always be a small number of people experiencing some issues, when the reality is, a lot of number of people getting pissed off with their device not working as was sold. Queue eventual roll out of fix. The fixes though for some companies tend not to be global, not everyone gets them at the same time. A good example again is Samsung and their TV’s, there currently is three versions of the software floating around different regions of the World and no reason what so ever why we all can’t be running the latest one. No word from Samsung, nothing. The same can be said to be true of Google Android OS release, sometimes, many times, we have to wait months and months for the manufacturer to get off their backsides and release it to our phones. Sometimes, most of the time very quickly needing a fix too.

So why can’t manufacturers get it right the first time, why is it that so many times we buy tech, we are figuring out so very quickly that things are not quite as rosey as they are on the launch event. Why are we the ones that a guinea pigs. I understand that there must be enormous pressures on releasing software in time for the hardware and to have those working together, at the same time and be ready for launch must be a huge undertaking. But please, PLEASE, don’t say that they device, TV or whatever will do XY or Z, and then say, well it will, but not yet, maybe next month, or the month after. Release it when it’s ready and then excite us further by telling us about it then. Use your companies marketing skills, to create additional excitement for something new, that’s free coming to your existing device that people already love because it does what you claimed and what they bought it for. Do that, be smart, be clever, get more good news coverage and not bad news for promising something that isn’t available yet…. what use is that to anybody!

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