The Rise Of The $1000 Phone!

Not so many moons ago, the idea of a $1000 phone would seem crazy and never possible. No one in their right minds would pay such an amount for any mobile phone, but here we are. Relatively fresh from the 12th September 2017 Apple Keynote, 10 years to the day from when Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone. We are presented with a phone, that is not exactly innovation despite what Apple would have you believe! What is incredible about the phone is it’s price, at $999 for the iPhone X (10), who in their right mind would pay such an amount and does this now push the whole market over the hurdle. Leading the way for others to do much the same over the next few years.

Let me use an unrelated example here. Living in the UK, we pay a hefty price for our petrol (gas), currently £1.20 a litre, yes a litre. Most of which is tax. Not so long ago, it was under a £1.00 a litre and for some time it hovered under that level. Going over the £1.00 mark would cause a storm and outrage. Guess what, after troubles in the Syria and the Middle East, the price did indeed go over. People were shocked, outraged and unforgiving of a government that takes the Lions share in tax. Time passed, not that much time and here we are, £1.20, 20% more than what it was when we were all having a melt down over the price. The less here, is that when millions, billions of people are involved, that noise dies very quickly and acceptance happens far quicker than it does were it a minority. It appears that our own voices get drowned out by us all.

Perhaps then Apple now us more than we care to think. There is no doubt they have whole departments concentrating on human behaviour, not just relating to how people use technology, but how people respond to their marketing. Apple have been pricing their tech far ahead of any other since the dawn of Apple. It comes to reason then that despite the crazy price for a phone, it will soon become the norm and other manufacturers are already there; Samsung with the Note 8 for example.

Buckle in then and start saving. Welcome to the new norm, welcome to the $1000 phone.

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