Is The Samsung S9 Worth Buying?


It’s that time of year again, when Samsung release their latest and greatest flag ship S series phone. The question we usually ask ourselves is… is it worth it.


The S9 and S9+ are less than a week or so away. Samsung no doubt will have a very impressive launch event and we’ve all had emails, invites and more to watch the event. The focus it seems from Samsungs marketing engine, is all about the camera!

What are we likely to see, the Note 8 camera or similar on the S9. Chances are that is very likely. There is rumour to suggest a super slow mo 1000 frames per second, low light ability and some kind of morphing emoji nonsense of taking a shot and turning it into an emoji function.

Other than that, what else has changed? Perhaps thinner bezels, more powerful hardware, slightly better and brighter screen. Chances are we will see all of that, but is it worth the potential $850 or more price tag. Personally, for me no! More so if you have an S8, if you have an S7 then maybe, or perhaps if you have another brand altogether, but for those of us with an S8 or S8 plus, you are not getting much more. In fact, if you have high end phone, that’s a couple of years old, chances are the additions found in the S9 don’t add up to much in every day use. Most cameras on smart phones now are very decent, most of us do not try and take professional shots with them, we point, click and move on, it’s about speed and ease. The screens are nice, but after a while we don’t notice that and the additions of creating your own emoji, perhaps some kids would love it, but unless they’ve got rich parents, unlikely to be used by most adults.

Going then on what has been leaked, I will stick with the S8 plus, if you have a high end phone that’s a couple of years old, chances are you are better served just holding on to that for now.

Personally, for me. I’m waiting for a real change now. Perhaps Samsungs flexible screens into a device that folds up and is more compact but opens out to a larger screen, rumours suggest those aren’t too far away. Maybe next year?

What are your thoughts? Will you be upgrading, will you be moving away from Samsung, perhaps Apple? Or, are you on Apple and looking to move to Samsung, or from another android brand? Let me know.

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