Samsung Q60T & Q70T QLED TV’s New Dual LED Backlight

Samsung is going to introduce its “Dynamic Spectral Dual LED” backlight technology to the Q60T and Q70T 2020 TV’s being released this year. Basically the technologies aim is to improve colour and contrast accuracy. The technology was, of course, present in Samsungs higher-end offerings in the 8K domain, but no word for those of us, who’s budgets are more modest and still reside in the 4K realm. To that end, Samsung has confirmed that for their 4K offerings this year, their mid-range TV’s coming out in 2020 will have this new technology. 

How Samsung’s new dual spectral LED backlight works, is that the quantum dot colour layer is irradiated with two different colour temperatures 5000K and 20,000K which aims at increasing the colour and contrast accuracy of the panel. According to Samsung, they will also be included on larger sizes above 75 inches layers that reduce infrared radiation and heat. 
It’s always good to see these kinds of developments trickle down to more consumer-friendly price brackets. Furthermore, we are seeing technology such as this being adopted by lower-end models within a couple of years or so too, as the technology is refined and economies of scale come into play. Either way, it’s all very good news.

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