Samsung Note 8 Launched

Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 8 yesterday, after the long rumoured and anticipated device was leaked out into the wild a while ago. What was so impressive about the Samsung Note 8 launch, was in fact the launch itself. Using Samsung’s huge 4k LED displays to incredible effect and a video floor too – to create a believable 3D feel to the video being displayed. Props to Samsung for mentioning the Note 7 debacle. They were very, very humble and very, very sorry.

Then came the device….

As expected, it’s big, but note huge. The reason for that is we’ve become more accustomed to large phones these days so what really makes it different. Here’s a quick takeaway.

More Screen

The screen is a 6.3 QHD+ HDR Super AMOLED display. Similar to that on the S8 and S8+.


Much like the S8, the scanner for finger prints is around the back. Add two additional cameras on that back panel and it gets pretty confusing.

Two Cameras

Much like we’ve found on the iPhone 7 Plus and more than likely on the iPhone 8. As well as a few others over the last year or so, we now have dual cameras at the back. Both are 12MP, with Optical Image Stabilisation.

One is wide angle – f/1.7 and the other taking zoomed images at f/2.4. Low light performances has been improved as well as some of the additional fancy effects; background blur when taking portraits for example.


Still sadly only one speaker which is very similar to the S8.

Ah the S Pen

Hugely accurate device, with 4000 levels of pressure sensitivity. Samsung claimed that ‘.. this feels like writing on paper’, No! No it doesn’t for one second. It feels like writing on a glass screen with a rubber nib, that’s how it feels Samsung. It’s good, but not as good as they claim.

Bixby is Out

As with the S8, Bixby is out and about and probably the least we say about that the better for now.


The Battering in the Note 8 is 3300mAh, which is kinda small, smaller than the S8 Plus. Given that the Note 8 has 6GB RAM, and either the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 or Exynos 8895, complete with a bunch of other battery draining features – that phone is going to need charging a lot.

SD Card Support

Micro SD Support to 256GB. The same as the S8.

So there we have it. It’s a good phone, a great phone. Not for everyone and it will need charging a lot. If you have an S8, or more to the point an S8 +, you don’t need to upgrade. It’s not really for you, there are those that love the pen, there are many that don’t.

Did We Forget Something….. The Price!

Well they didn’t quite hit the $1000 mark, but they are not far from it with a US price of $930 unlocked and £869 sim free in the UK. That is one expensive phone.

All in all, it was what we expected. A large phone, with huge specs and a pen, that is all bundled in a very expensive product.

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