Samsung MU8000 – Emperors New Clothes?

The Samsung MU8000 looks very familiar don’t you think, very, very familiar. The MU8000 could be considered the mid level TV range for Samsung this year, but what is it really? Well to save you an awful lot of time worrying about anything, from what I’ve discovered so far, the MU8000 is a rebrand of the KS range of TV’s which in 2016 was their premium line. This of course now has been superseded earlier this year with the launch of their new series of TV’s. This happens every year.  What is interesting is that many websites are rehashing a review as though this is a new TV, which it is not. The only thing that makes the MU8000 (UK version) any different from the KS8000 (UK Version) [9000 in US] is quite simply the model number.

It’s the same panel, the same stand, the same god awful wee remote that rattles like buggery. The only thing that isn’t the same, but this could have been addressed in the 1201.6 update, is that this TV apparently has HLG (High Log Gamma). The prices are not that different from where they were last year, with the 55 inch, now becoming a very common TV size for 4K, costing around £1300 [$1500].  Which is some what of a surprise really, considering that I am quite sure you can buy yourself a KS8000 for a whole lot cheaper and it’s essentially the same TV.

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