Samsung Launch Stupid Big 49 Inch Monitor

We all know what it’s like. 24 Inches on a monitor these days just doesn’t cut it, 28 inches is better, 32 inches even more so. Anything beyond that is just Witch Craft and stories from Legend. Well, sit down, buckle up as Samsung are about to launch the CHG90. Catchy right… but it’s more than just a very sexy name!

It’s a 49 inch 3840 x 1080 display. Yep that’s no typo. It’s also a gaming monitor, a really, really wide gaming monitor. A gaming monitor that doesn’t support HDR. A gaming monitor that is $1500. A gaming monitor that we are quite sure, will impress your friends, your Dad and your Cat.

It is practical, not at all, but when is anything in the gaming domain ever practical, but it is, to coin a popular phrase… freaking awesome and although I have no real reason to have one, like most things gadget, I can’t justify it, but boy do I want one.

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