Samsung Galaxy S20 Actual Photos Leaked

When is a Samsung S11 not the S11, when in fact it is the S20. That’s right. Amid all the speculation, rumour and surely nots, there’s been a photo leak of the S20 and more to the point, the telltale start-up screen that shouts from the rooftops that we’re in S20’s now and get used to it.

What we also see is the new camera array, which is perhaps, for most of not entirely news and is expected. However, those arrays are starting to get out of hand and looking ugly. Although, having said that, I do like what Apple has done with the iPhone Pro’s camera arrays – didn’t think I’d like it, but I does!

So where does all this S20 nonsense lead us to from here? Well, it is quite apparent that Samsung is leaving model the previous naming nomenclature behind and starting with years instead. Which after all makes sense. It saves on confusion; S20 would for 2020, S21 for 2021 and so on. No one is going to be confused as to what is the latest model, or indeed what is the next model inline likely to be called. However, that doesn’t mean we’re not going to stop with the whole plus, Ultra, Ultra super dooper, Awesomeness that is so prevalent with tech and gadgets these days. 

For me, personally, I’m still very happy with my S10+ and haven’t felt the need to upgrade and not too sure I will any time soon. There isn’t a phone at the moment that does anymore fundamentally to my eyes, use case and daily driver type need that I…. well…. need. It will be interesting what we see from the S20 onwards and how many more cameras on the back of the phone we actually need. I wouldn’t be surprised that soon we will have night scope cameras, infrared and so on too. 

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