Samsung 1209 KS8000, KS9000, KS7000 TV Update In USA

1209 is available, but before you start rushing to your TV or the website, and downloading it, wait, it won’t be there. it’s only currently available on the Korean website and before some of you start complaining of click bait, wait, stop! You may recall I did a video on how the Korean update, is in English and works perfectly on US and CA Samsung TV’s and in that video I explain how to update your US TV using the Korean update! Well, now you can update your TV from 1207.2 to 1209. The video on how to do that is shown at the end of this video. Please watch that if you’ve not seen it before, or to refresh your memory.

Happy days, well at least we hope so. Oh and if you fancy just staying on 1207.2, I’ve another video that explains some interesting information I found as regards settings to use.


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