Samsung 1207.2 Update Settings, KS7000, KS8000, KS9000 LED TV

Samsung are good at confusing the hell out of us consumers, as we try and update our TV’s or gadgets. Some gadgets, we simply work with the update and let it go through, others, well, such as TV’s, we have to be a lot more discerning. Why? Well, updates can and have done, not only with Samsung, but LG, Sony, Panasonic and more, screwed with things and made the viewing experience, in a word, shitty. Which means, we like to know from someone like me, who’s applied the update, whether the old one was better, or the new one is worth moving to and if so, what are the settings that work best. Ah so confusing, and it get’s even more confusing when one country will have one update, before another, or perhaps even a completely different update altogether. All is not lost, in fact, after some talking and testing between 1207.2 in the US and 1208.2 in the UK, where I am, things are promising.


1207.2 in the US, 1208.2 in the UK. Ah, it’s only a digit right! It can’t be that different, surely, perhaps. It’s hard to tell. 1207.2 is 1205.65 MB’s in size and 2018.2 is 1279.72 MB’s in size, not an enormous difference, but big enough in code terms.

Here’s the thing. It’s great when both the UK and US are on the same update, I can give you my settings and everyone, mostly, is happy. Aside from those who believe that Dynamic setting is the way to go…. hmmmmm…. Yet, for those that do like my settings and there is one or two of you, and there are a few more who use my settings as a starting point. When the UK is on a different update than the US, sometimes ahead, othertimes behind. It makes getting settings for what you guys have in the US difficult and impossible, or so it would seem for me to work with. Then, I had a thought, a friend of mine just updated and got a KS9000 TV in the US, second hand, but still a very decent TV. He was asking me about settings and then I said, well update and give the 1208.2 update settings I use in the UK a go on the 1207.2 and would you believe it, they actually work out pretty well indeed. Normally, I wouldn’t recommend using one update settings for another differing update, but it appears, that on this occassion, at least to my friends eyes, that 1207.2 using the UK settings on 1208.2 work well.

If you are looking for the 1208.2 settings, you will be able to watch the video at the end of this one, it should show up as what to watch next. Try them out, you may have to tweak a tiny bit, but overall, according to my US friend, they work well, a good starting point at least. Also, check out the 1208.2 review also.

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