Nokia 8 Images Leaked!

The very soon to be released Nokia 8 smartphone, which is very soon to be released [no date yet], has finally been leaked in images on the Internet. Now for those of you expecting another bezel free phone, with a fancy curved OLED screen will be disappointed.

However, despite the fact it doesn’t have the latest greatest from Samsung – for the record, Samsung are the very same people that will/are making the Apple iPhone OLED screen for it’s upcoming iPhone 8. Be that as it may, the Nokia 8 is no ugly phone, and despite it’s lack of being smooth and round, these current images, if proven to be correct, do give the Nokia 8 a certain amount of charm.

It packs the usual stuff; QHD IPS LCD display packing in 2560 x 1440 pixels at 559ppi density, with an overall size of 5.3 inches. Processor is likely to be the Snapdragon 835 with a decent amount of 4GB of RAM, storage at 64GB and an additional micro SD slot too. Rumours suggest a finger print sensor but where exactly that is from these images remains to be seen. Dual cameras on the back have also been predicted. The announcement is expected on the Nokia 8 even on the 16th August.


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