Look Up! There’s a World Around You.

I would be considered by many as a middle aged old fart, I get it, I do. I’m 48, considered positively ancient by all teenagers and 20+ year old’s. In fact, invisible to them, as I walk by in the streets. Yet, one would imagine that I am invisible to not only the young, but a good amount of people. People watching is something we all do. Sit, have a coffee somewhere nice and look out onto the World. Yet, the World I am seeing, or more so the people in it are face down, plugged in and looking at their and others digital lives; liking, commenting, sharing and absorbing more and more useless drivel being pumped out by all who care to read, listen or view it… hell, who am I to talk. I own a YouTube channel and this website, in many ways I am part of that same problem.

However, HOWEVER! It saddens me to see families, having a meal together, or a drink somewhere, and they are all plugged in, not a word uttered amongst them, but all busy messaging, liking and sharing [digitally]. Or, people walking about some of the incredible cities and towns we have, not looking up, albeit briefly if they have to, to move out of the way of someone. What has happened, why doesn’t anyone talk to one another anymore, what is so important that we are so absorbed in that gadget in our hands.

Can we just look up for a change. Can we not allow phones at the dinner table, when we are having a drink with friends, or with colleagues on lunch. None of this 10 years ago existed, people would look around, smile at one another, but since the dawn of the iPhone and the smart phone generation. Everyone, everything has become so insular, so withdrawn, so contained with the magic lantern box in our hands.

I’m aware of how I sound. Like some Luddite, or some banging gong that wont shut up, because he doesn’t like change. Of course all this was said at the dawn the TV, and how this will morally bankrupt our children, it kind of did, to us all. Certainly, change is good and technology is and incredible gift that keeps on giving to the World, and I for one am a huge fan, I’m a geek of the old generation, back in the days of ZX Spectrum and Atari. All I am asking, please, is can we look up once in a while and smell the roses?

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