Logan Paul Is A Child, What To Do?

I wanted to wait for a short while to do this video, to let the hysteria settle and to see what YouTube, logan paul and the community would do.

YouTube & social media have a problem, the creator community has a problem. The issue is one of content that has value, over content that is simply sensationalist and can unfortunately influence young minds into doing some stupid things – both in terms of the creator and the kids watching it. Unfortunately, it appears that the later is gaining more influence, than the former. Now granted, this may sound like another middle aged fart spouting off about the young creators and their immature ways. Yet it’s not all young creators, in fact I sub to many, because they make amazing, talented and creative content. It’s not an old dude complaining about the youth argument, to me and to many like me, its the Logan Paul’s on YouTube, who seem to have little understanding of how their actions can and do influence young minds.

The guy is in his early twenties and has a team of people around him, in a business worth millions. Surely there must be someone that can say ‘wait a minute, we need to think what we are doing here!’. Unfortunately, Logan Paul does what he likes, for likes, for better and mostly for worse. There was a moment where things may have changed after the Suicide Forest issue in Japan, but after some disingenuous videos featuring a lot of hang wringing shots and slow motion soul searching cut to’s of Logan Paul and promises of donation of $1 million to various charities. After a short while, and a bit of a break, we see him return to norm. Tasering dead rats, joking about eating Tide pods and simply showing no sign of understanding how or what he does affects the very core audience; the young and easily influenced.

The followers, the Logangs are always in defense of their hero, sometimes to hysterical levels, but he does hold influence, he is to them, someone they can look up to and aspire to be. Yet unfortunately, Logan appears to not understand or chooses not to. Which leads to a wider problem of views at any cost. By that I mean, people creating videos, where they are either dangerous, usually pretty dumb and in so doing try to court views. In the UK, the first responder services are always being called out to those putting themselves and others in danger, for the sake of a viral video. Most of these videos are viewed by young kids, who then see this action as a means of creating content, that they then believe leads to wealth and fame, so they too can be the next Logan Paul. Not realising the danger they put themselves and others into, or that most channels don’t lead to wealth or any fame.

It is amazing to me, that not so long ago, a lot of what we see on YouTube and social media would have been shocking and banned a few years ago, is now common place. Looking back at shows such as Dirty Sanches and Jackass, shows that contained warnings, and couldn’t as easily be watched by young kids, now similar and much worse is for all to see on YouTube. Granted YouTube are taking action, perhaps not as much as some would hope, but it would be naive to believe that YouTube would drop one of their biggest cash cows. As for the Logan Paul’s, they will continue, but those wanting to do the same will find it harder to create anything on YouTube with the recent partner changes.

YouTube continues to have some amazing content and you can choose to watch the crap or not, like many, my recommendations are fed on the channels I view and similar and most of the time I don’t see anything like Logan Paul. Yet, young kids will see not only Logan Paul, but other similar and perhaps worse content recommended by YouTubes algorithm. One thing is for sure, Logan Paul is here to stay, love him or loath him. There is great content on YouTube, and some amazing creators. Perhaps then if we support those that create, offer something of value and look to build communities and YouTube gradually stops recommending poor content or sensationalist content to young kids, this will improve, YouTube will improve. I’m sure we will have more drama along the way, and this is not the first time YouTube, it’s community, creators and advertisers will come under scrutiny.

What do you think YouTube should do with channels and videos like Logan Paul? How can YouTube stop young eyes watching similar content, that has the power to influence them? Can anything be done? Let me know your thoughts?


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