Is The PC Master Race Dead?

The PC Master Race, is a group of die hard PC enthusiasts that believe that they experience the best in gaming because they have better hardware than found in consoles and a wider range of games to play. Groups like the PC Master Race, Xbonners and Sony Ponnies all like to hate on one another, but does the PC Master Race have good reason to be so full of themselves, or at the end of the day, are they trying to make themselves believe that the $800 GPU they bought was an intelligent purchase?

As geeks and gamers, we know of the PC Master Race. Myself, both as a console owner of all platforms and also having in the past spent silly amounts of money on a PC gaming rig, we are, as a collective, very aware of the somewhat caustic group called the PC Master Race. These people have spent a lot, if in some cases, all of their money on a PC, to make sure they are at the pinnacle of every gaming experience, but are they?

Could the PC Master Race be dying, and not experiencing anything any different from you or I on a console. Here’s the thing, I’ve owned both a very high end PC for VR on the Vive last year and have all the consoles. I’ve played and enjoyed games both on PC and on console. The amount of money I’ve spent on the gaming rig was never justified, even when I was producing video and music on them, I still struggle to believe that there is justification for such powerful hardware just for games. When playing a game on console at a lower resolution, with lesser graphics than on a PC. The experience for me on console, was more involved due to having a larger screen, better sound and simply ease of use. Whilst these games, sometimes the same game that I owned PC too – the last Forza for instance, I failed to see the difference in graphic quality whilst playing, than when playing the same game on PC at a higher resolution with better textures. Not once, did I stop and think, I wish I was playing on PC.

So why bother with a PC? True VR games on PC, because of the hardware requirements are much better and currently better served on PC. There are certain hardcore gamers and professional gamers that require a high end PC and they compete and generally just play one particular game. Because of the nature of the control those games, is better served with a keyboard and a mouse, I understand that, but I feel that for most, the casual gamer, the everyday gamer, it’s not so important and a controller in your hand, slightly lower quality textures and a checkerboarding or sometimes even true 4k, at 30-60fps is enough, for most of us.

Consider also, that games are developed primarily for the console market. Therefore, it’s all well and good having amazing textures, but given the majority of games are on console and that’s the focus, the developer is not going to push those textures, or create scenes and dynamics that require an Nvidia GTX 1080 ti for instance. Developers will always develop for the main market, and their biggest profit centre. Granted, consoles are holding back development of games, by a good margin, but they are catching up with the PS pro and the Xbox One X, but yes, still a few years behind. In an ideal World we would all be running 1080Ti’s and developers would be developing for one single platform and the leaps in games would be enormous. We live in a World where usually it’s the weaker systems that have the market share because of the cost comparative is so great, and this leads to developers concentrating on those, because that’s where the profit is.

So is the PC Master Race dead, well not yet, but I think their argument of having a better experience is. Games are varying less and less these days. It’s hard to justify the cost, no matter how well off you are, to build a rig just for playing games when you can get a near identical experience if not in many cases a better experience in a console costing half the price of a high end GPU. Many of the great games are exclusive to console and half the time never come out for PC, or do many years later. There will always be a market for high end gear, as much as there is a market for people wanting anything to be better in anything in life, be it a car, computer, console, smart phones… you name it.

So the PC Master Race is ironically somewhat blind of the truth that the money they spent is not actually serving them as well as they’d like. Which leads to the die hards, the bile spouting sorts that are vindictive, fowl mouthed and full of hate. I get it, you are upset, you believe you have something better…. but if that’s the case and if what you own is so good, why are you probably in the comments section below giving me and others like me grief for pointing out something that is quite well documented and achingly true… that you are not quite so special, the games you have are not that unique and yes, you blew a lot of money on something that can be better served at half the price.


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