IPhone 8, No Delays But Limited Availability

There’s been plenty of rumours floating around about the iPhone 8 being delayed to October, some even suggesting as late as November. This is of course a great deal of speculation, though some sources that are linked to the supply chain have suggested otherwise. Current reports suggest that the supply chain can only supply 2-4 million units per quarter, when previously we’ve seen a new iPhone need around 40-80 million phones per quarter.

According to the latest information from the well respect analyst Ming Chi-Kuo. The iPhone 8 will arrive on time for a September launch as hoped, but unfortunately there will be limited supply. As to quantity no one knows quite yet. What we do know, is that we can almost guarantee that the Apple iPhone 8 will sell out in minutes.

Which begs the question, how many will many of the carries in the US and Europe get to sell. Given that many people upgrade through their carrier on some form of credit plan, running mostly to a two year cycle. Furthermore, will only select existing customers be be offered the upgrade and those new wanting to buy a new iPhone 8 on a plan with a new carrier may be left at the back of the queue. Perhaps only the Apple website and stores will have them for sale at first, till stocks build.

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