HTC Vive Price Drop!

HTC has announced that it’s VR device the HTC Vive will now be $200, £160 or AU$259 cheaper. This is a huge price drop and really does make the Vive not only continually the best VR device, but now the best in terms of price and bang for buck at only £599.

But… could this signal the an incoming newer version. HTC have made no doubt about the fact that they are developing version 2. No comment other than it will be out when it’s ready and there is no indication of when that will be. However, usually price drops signify a few things; the device isn’t selling and they need to get rid of stock – which is highly unlikely and in fact more to do with it’s closest competitor Oculus Rift. Or, perhaps it it’s economies of scale, and the device is now cheaper to manufacture and the savings are past onto the consumer. Or, or… they are making way for their new version 2.

Who knows of course except HTC Vice. What we do know is that VR is very much alive and well.

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