How To Update Any Samsung TV To The Latest Firmware From Korea

In this video I will show you how to manually apply the latest update and any future update that appear first in Korea, on your USA Samsung TV.
Those of us that own a Samsung TV, usually have to contend with the fact that differing firmware and software updates appear earlier in other parts of the globe. Providing your model and chassis match that of the other region which they do in Korean and the USA, you can download that regions update and apply it manually to your TV. Don’t worry, the update is in English.

Here’s what you will need;

1 – A PC to download the software

2 – Google Chrome

3 – Google Translate plugin for Chrome

4 – USB thumb drive formatted to FAT 32

5 – A little bit of knowledge unzipping, moving files and awareness of settings on your TV.

two and three are not important or a real need, but they do make translating websites easier, given that we will take the download from a Korean website.

The steps are quite easy.

First we go to the Samsung Korean website

Link To Samsung Korea Website

We allow google translate as on Chrome to translate it, just to make things a little easier.

Next we look for the download, which will be a zip file.

We click on the link and the file downloads.

Double click on the download and extract the file to your computer.

This will be the complete file that you need. We then move that file onto a blank USB drive. If your USB drive is new, your computer will ask you to format the drive. Do so at FAT 32.

Now we take this file over to the TV and plug this into the USB input.

Turn on your TV and then go to settings

Then support

Then Software Update

Click on Software update and your TV will check online first to see that the update is available to download, it will then ask you to check the attached USB thumb drive. Select OK.

As I’m in the UK the update from Korea won’t work, but those in the USA will and Your TV will now find the update, it will show the version number and you click OK to update.

Your TV will then install the update, restart your TV and if you then go back to Settings and then Support you will see that you have the latest firmware/software installed.

This method will work for any future updates that you see on the Korean website for your Samsung TV. Be sure to subscribe and we will keep you posted as to when the update is available. Sadly those of us in the UK, because of a different chassis model, have to wait for the Samsung UK site to provide the update. So for once, you guys in the US can jump the queu using this method.

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