Horizon Zero Dawn DLC coming in November 7th.

Horizon Zero Dawn, the Playstation Pro 4K loving game and generally beautiful game on the standard Playstation too, is getting its first DLC, “The Frozen Wilds” coming on the 7th November.

Anyone that has played Horizon Zero Dawn will know already what an incredibly beautiful and engrossing game this is. One of the few AAA games that truly deserve to be purchased in our opinion – wish the same could have been said for some others! Now, if you’ve completed the game and want more of Aloy and her adventures, “The Frozen Wilds” will take you away from the Rocky Mountains where the main game was set, and put you into the Yellow Stone National park, staring right up one Mother of a volcano – which of course Yellowstone Park is actually on in reality – albeit it’s been a long time since it last erupted and apparently is due anytime within the next few hundred years.

This then places Aloy in for a new adventure and a new monster to tackle apparently. The image of the volcano certainly look impressive and given you can pre-order the DLC now for only $14.99, it’s somewhat of a bargain, saving you some money off of the $19.99 launch price.

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