HDR10+ Samsung 2016 TV’s Petition – Please Sign!

Samsung promised that those of us who had the 2016 range of TV’s would get HDR10+ as a free update. Well it appears that things have changed, the 2016 range of TV’s will now no longer be getting the HDR10+ update. Samsung changing it to the 1017 and 2018 models only. The reason, none given! That’s right. They’ve simply decided, more likely for marketing purposes, to only have that update for the 2017 and 2018 TV’s only. Consider that the 2017 range are not that dissimilar to the 2016 range, it’s not a surprise they’ve done this, but it is something they promised we would get and have now chosen to quietly remove it.

There is a petition that you can sign, to try and pursuade Samsung to change their minds and give us what was promised.

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