Google Slash Up To $200 Off Pixel Phone

Google has announced it’s back to school offer today, slashing up to $200 off of the Pixel XL and $130 off the standard Pixel phone. This still makes these phones pretty expensive, but much cheaper than they have been. Given that Google announced their first foray into the premium phone market with some incredibly high prices. Having said that, those initial lofty prices Google first launched the Pixel at, could well seem like the good old days, come the end of this year and into next year, when the proliferation of supper expensive phones, knocking on the door of $1000 and beyond, may well become the norm.

It’s no surprise then that Google have announced this price cut. The new Pixel 2 is due in October, leaked image pictured above and given that Google has slashed the price of the original Pixel, perhaps it leveraging room at that price point for it’s new Pixel 2. No pricing has been announced, but given the above $1000 uber price points coming in for other phones, especially, likely the Apple iPhone 8, we could see the Google Pixel 2 knocking on the door of that too.

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