Game of Thrones Leaks – Should We Care?

Any GOT fan out there, worth their salt, will know that hackers managed to get some scripts for this seasons upcoming episodes. As much of a crappy thing that is to do, and really all it’s doing is spoiling it for everyone – but then they are hackers; actually they’re probably pale faced wee boys, stuck behind a very dubiously sticky keyboard, but that’s beside the point. The real point is, should we care? Other than all the moral issues of hacking, which have been gone over a million times. Most GOT fans are sticklers for not having the plot spoiled in advance of any episode. You are then only likely to find out what the leaks are, were, should you actually hunt out the script or various people, websites and more leaking the scripts and plot online – we won’t be doing that. I’m selfish, I don’t want to spoil it for me and if you want to know what it is, then go knock yourself out!

So really, the only person you are going to hurt is yourself by seeking this information out. Thankfully, most websites, the decent ones, are refusing to leak any information. Having said that, it’s with some dissapointment that some sites, have obviously gain access to these scripts and are now using it as a means to not give much away, but teasing out plot lines of characters, without actually saying directly what does/doesn’t happen. This kind of re-purposing of information leads to perhaps the innocent GOT fan to stumble in, only to learn something about the upcoming plot, that they really would rather learn from watching GOT. Even some of the teaser thumbs and headings of these articles leaves something to be desired.

If we are to stop the hackers from having any power over our enjoyment of anything, be it a movie, GOT or Dr Who… let us all ignore what they do and please, those huge websites that should know better…. please, please! Know better and stop being hypercritical, by saying “isn’t this awful” and then using that same content from the hack to create teaser articles. No, no and no.

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