Boston Dynamics Shows New Robot But Tumbles!

Boston Dynamics shot to fame a few years ago with their ever so creepy dog like robots. Since then they have come on in leaps and bounds, to produce some of the most amazing and dare we say somewhat surreal videos featuring many times autonomous robots that you could ever wish to see. Given their success and the growing viral nature of many of their videos, showing them abusing their robots outside their offices; there’s many videos of them kicking, teasing and generally not being nice to these million dollar machines. The following with Boston Dynamics now, results in their keynote at Congress of Future Scientists and Technologists, showing off their latest Atlas robot. However, things don’t quite go to plan.


As can be seen from the above YouTube video, things seem to be going very well indeed. Atlas is doing what he/she/it should and even when the little dog robot teases the box away, Atlas remains sure footed and steady, as it chases after the box. All seems well, the end of the keynote and everyone is happy. Atlas walks away, autonomously, ready to exit stage right, but instead, decides it’s going somewhere else and falls off the back of the stage. While the controller of the little dog and the keynote presenter CEO Marc Raibert fail to notice the wandering Atlas too late before it’s up over the back of the stage. No word on damage to this incredible robot, but given how rugged they are designed and how much abuse they give these robots, one can only assume he/she/it is absolutely fine.

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