Bose Closes 119 Stores, Including ALL USA Stores!

Bose the audio manufacturer of headphones and in my opinion overrated and overpriced speakers is closing 119 stores globally. In fact, it’s quite a brutal move. Closing all physical stores in Europe, Australia, Japan and across the USA. The only stores that will remain are the handful in China, Arab Emirates, South Korea, India and some locations in South East Asia.

Collette Burke, Bose’s Vice President of Global Sales, stated that stores were mainly as a point of content and for customers to try out the products. It seems then, that people were going there and then buying online, which is Bose’s new focus. Unfortunately, it does mean a lot of people will now lose their jobs, but realistically, there is no way Bose could afford to maintain such a global physical presence in an age where online retail, even for audio products, is becoming more and more prevalent. There’s even a shift on the higher end to those simply buying online and not requiring the need to audition, trial and so on. Something which I feel is somewhat odd, given what I’ve spent in the past on audio gear.

That aside, could this now be the first warning that Bose is in trouble. It’s a hugely drastic move and their products in my view are heavily overpriced and over rated – Beats anyone! What do you think? Who do you think will be next? Perhaps you like Bose, if so, what product should I review to change my mind?

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