Bixby Get’s Voice In UK/AUS/CAN/S.A but…

Finally, oh boy, that was one very long Spring wasn’t it Samsung! When the S8 was launched all those moons ago, Samsung said that the [pointless] wee button on the side of the phone would be used for Bixby and this will be full featured by Spring…. hmmm. Spring came and went and so did the hopes of Bixby being anything more than a rather annoying Siri, but without the voice and most of the interaction. Oh, yes, it could take photos and that was kinda cool for about 10 minutes.

So, it’s here, today, Bixby has a voice, can talk. However, it’s still only American (or Korean). Therefore, some of the British terms may throw it. Perhaps by the time we get the S9 next year, we will have a British voice that can understand British things, perhaps?


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1 thought on “Bixby Get’s Voice In UK/AUS/CAN/S.A but…

  1. Bixby need a major update to even be useful……OK Google is more useful at the moment for general web questions….Boxby seems to be too limited to basic phone setting or app commands…and even then it only hears you when you shout about 10 times at the phone……and it won’t sends text messages if you use a 3rd party app….being restricted to Samsung message is a major fail for me…..textra beats it hands down but Bixby won’t except it……

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