The Best of CES 2018

Once a year, we are greeted with the latest and greatest in tech and gadgets from leading manufactures and those less well known. From items that will appear in our living rooms over the coming year, to gadgets you wouldn’t want anywhere near you or your living room for that matter. I

As per usual we are wowed with TV’s that are of course bigger than last year, thinner and cost as much as a car in some. There was the usual competition between the main manufacturers, but the winner must go to Samsung with The Wall. A 150 inch, not OLED but some fancy new micro LED, which according to some experts could be too expensive to make at a consumer level. What marks this TV out, is that the screen has no bezel, at all. Cool you may think, but what makes it even coolerer, is you can buy 2, 3, 4, 8 or more and put them side by side, or in any configuration you like and the TV is smart enough to know they are all connected and treat is as one huge, massive, enormous TV. All in 4K HDR.

Not wanting to be outdone on the wow factor, LG, instead of going for size, went for that next deciding factor on when we buy TV’s….. how much can I roll it up and put it away. LG have introduced a 65 inch rollable OLED TV. Once you’ve finished watching it, it will roll up in it’s box and not annoy you anymore. It’s very clever and certainly pointing towards the ability of these huge Korean companies, to produce tech, that not only looks cool but in terms of screens could be moved to other devices we will see soon such as new phones in 2019 perhaps?

Still on the TV/Display front, as really, no one I know uses their TV in built tuner anymore do they? This next one I am excited about and would seriously consider as my next TV. ……and no it’s not from LG, or Samsung, it’s from Nvidia. The GPU giant, who have not only developed a self driving technology and developing that a tonne of car manufacturers, which could bring self driving cars, cheaper and sooner than we expected to the average joe like you and me. But they have introduced their first 65 inch gaming display, yeah, a 65 inch gaming display. That is 4K, 1000 nits, HDR and super responsive. It has a G Sync tech, which on a larger display is needed as it reduces or stops in most cases the screen tear you can get. There is true 120hz refresh, and before some of you go off about your TV having that, trust me it doesn’t, that’s bullshit marketing and a pseudo 120hz, which produces that awful soap opera effect on your TV. True 120hz is very different and doesn’t look awful. The downside, which I am surprised about, is that it’s only HDMI 2.0 and not 2.1, 2.1 would make more sense, considering that would help hugely in pumping out data faster, but then, you do need to have a device capable of doing just that.

This next one I think is a great idea. Now, you all probably know my thoughts on the Samsung DEX, the device that turns your S8 into a PC. Something I owned for a short while but couldn’t quite get to work. Aside from some bugs on sound and Samsung helping me out in person and also sending me several others, the bug was still there and thankfully since removed. I loved the DEX and I love the idea of taking your phone and turning that into a PC. How about taking your phone and turning it into a decent laptop, quickly and easily and still utilizing the screen as a touch pad and more? Check this out!

Razers Project Linda, turns your Razor phone, which are pretty decent and very powerful by the way, into a laptop. Allowing you to play the games you had natively on the laptop, as well as work as if you were working on a relatively decent latop. The power is taken all from the phone but unlike the DEX that rendered the Samsung phone screen useless during use, one of my main criticisms as Samsung could have used that screen estate effectively. Razer turn the screen into a super smart and exciting track pad. No word on when or if this will ever appear, but it’s certainly something worth keeping an eye on.

So that’s it for me and CES 2018, take a look at the other video of the Worse and Weird of CES 2018 that I discovered. If you like this video, give me a thumbs up and consider subscribing.

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