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Bitsbytesbobs.com which we will call b3 from now on, launches in a few weeks, as we build out the content, write stuff, film stuff and maybe add a few writers here and there that are able to write for us for next to nothing – well actually nothing, but hey, we are small. Starting anything like this will always be an uphill battle, not that I am being all maudlin about starting a new venture and neither am I ignoring the fact that I’ve decided, probably against my better judgement, that I will do this full time. This is my job now, writing and recording things for my YouTube channel, which is currently called SamsungNow, but will soon be rebranded with the whole b3 juice.

What is the point in this website, brand, thing, when there are so many similar tech websites and what not out and about. The focus of this website, and the YouTube channel, is really about tech and enjoying it, getting the most from it, getting the most from what we already have and writing about it in such a way, that is easy to read, quick and doesn’t bombard you with technical BS or comparing chips, CPU speeds and a whole lot more. Our focus, my focus, will be on producing a fun and easy read, that gives you the information that you care about. Hell, there are a million and one websites that provide you all the technical stuff you could ever wish to view, read and digest.

If you enjoy a conversational style of writing, that is matter of fact, quirky, geeky, not stuffy, wont initimidate you with mumbo jumbo, will enable you to read the latest news, reviews, and much more, plus being shown how to get the most from your tech. Then you’ve come to the right place. All I ask is that you be patient with me. As I’ve said, this is my full time job now – perhaps it’s the incredibly $63 USD I’ve earned from YouTube in the last three months, that’s convinced me to create something more of this and to branch out, throw caution to the wind, think “fuck it” and do it anyway.

So I’m doing it anyway. Could be a big balls up. Could go amazingly well, but right now, there is just one of me. I’m no journalist, just a middle aged guy, with a passion for tech and a desire to share that with you and hopefully you will join me 🙂

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