Apple OLED TV Spotted?

There has been plenty of rumours over the years, that Apple have been developing an Apple TV – no not the current black box Apple TV, but a true TV, an OLED TV. This has been rumoured for a number of years and nothing other than simple rumour, which eventually died down sometime ago, nothing came of it. After all, what is rumour without evidence, right?

Well there appears to be some evidence, how true this evidence is remains to be see. Someone on China’s social media platform Weibo, posted a handful of blurry photos of a TV, bearing the Apple logo and looking very much like an Apple product. The photos were obviously hurriedly taken and there is little sense of scale, but apparently the TV is a 60 inch OLED device.






That is all that is currently known. Apple as we know are due to make an announcement regarding the iPhone 8. Perhaps too, as a surprise, they are going to come out with the TV also, as a ‘… and just one more thing!’ It could be, it really could be. Perhaps the iPhone 8, works with the TV, much like the Samsung phones work with Samsung TV’s. It makes you wonder and I am sure we will see soon enough.


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