Apple iPhone X & Employee Goes Rogue

Speculation has been rife as to the true name Apple will give it’s new iPhone on Tuesday 12th September. Now those rumours will be put to bed on Tuesday, but strong indication has emerged that we may already know the name. A rogue employee is also to blame for a tonne of leaks that appeared on various websites this weekend, with the BBC confirming it was an Apple employee.

On the 12th September Apple will announce the long awaited and hugely leaked iPhone 8. Speculation has been rife as to the name of the new phone; names such as edition, iphone 8, anniversary to simply just iphone.

Speculation has been rife as to it’s name. That speculation could now finally be over, an iOS developer Steven Troughton-Smith has discovered references to iPhone X that are linked directly to the D22 codename with a bezel-less display. Could this be the real name, or just a place holder? Consider that sometimes if you don’t want to use a number, what do you use, an X right! There were some leaks over the weekend by a disgruntled apple employee supposedly, stating that the names are; iphone X, iphone 8 and iphone 8 plus. We still have err on the side of caution, but it could be a strong indicator as to the name and Apple have quite a number of times surprised us with names.

Further leaks were released by a potential rogue apple employee, who provided 9 to 5 mac with various internal download links for new apple products released tomorrow. Apple no doubt are in the processing of hunting this person down and firing their ass. These leaks indicate the name of Face ID is eerrrrr Face ID, that there will be animated emoji’s including the poop emoji… nice.. revised ear pods, that will still continue to make you look rediculous. Nothing hugely exciting then really. Makes you wonder how Tim cook is going to make this appear like a surprise!

All will come to light soon enough and Apple fans will be wetting themselves in excitement and morgaging their homes to buy the latest shiny, shiny from Apple.

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