Apple iPhone 8 -New Gestures & Ears?

The Apple iPhone 8 launch is drawing near and news and rumour is flooding in from all sides. If all these rumours are true, Tim Cook may as well walk up on stage and go “Here it is! Thanks, Bye.”. That aside, the rumours currently are of some new swiping gestures. For instance, as the home button has gone, the device menu is swiped up from the bottom of the screen, much like it is on the iPad with iOS 11. Further, the design of the screen to the left and right of the sensors and camera are called “Ears” by Apple. These can be programmed to display different information, beyond just the usual signal strength, battery and time. Of course, all of this is just rumour, but it would make a great deal of sense and the “Ears” thing, is just so very Apple. Turning a design flaw essentially, into a marketing thing!

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