Apple iPhone 8 Colour Has A Typically Apple Name

Apple is soon to announce a phone, just in case you’ve been living on some other planet for the last year, it’s likely to be the iPhone 8, chances are it could be called some such nonsense as the ‘Anniversary’ or the ‘X’ or the ‘Whatever!’, who cares what it’s going to be called. Ever since Steve Jobs passed away, the leaks for new iPhone releases, tech updates, news and photos, seem as easy as ever to find. It’s almost as though Apple doesn’t care anymore on that front.

However, there was quite a lot of speculation on the colour choices, of which Apple usually offers some such grandiose name. Even recently, as we had commented on in an article on b3, that there was so new colours on the way, due to some dummy phones flying around the Interwebs. One such colour, was one that apparently was aimed at the fashionista brigade. In fact it looked like foundation makeup, it looked pretty bad, actually, it looked like crap – literally!

Apple now have a name for it ‘Blush Gold’, of course it is! Thankfully the colour isn’t quite as awful as the pasty awfulness of the YouTube video, showing the dummy phone sample, but ‘Blush Gold’, dear me. Let’s hope it doesn’t look as bad as the dummy version. Will people buy it, probably… Apple could finally prove that they could even colour their phones to look like crap and they would still sell.

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