Apple Face ID (Mace ID) – Pointless Innovation?

Modern gadget technology is about making our lives easier, taking something that was an issue or concern and allowing technology to take the weight. However, are we seeing a trend of technology for technologies sake, and it simply being a gimmick and instead of making life easier creates more problems than it solves.

Last week we saw the new fancy iPhone X with one of its new features being Face ID. You stare at your phone, swipe up and then bingo you are in. Or if you are using Apple pay, you look at your phone, swipe up and then lay your phone on the NFC reader. Apple made this all seem very exciting, with language used to inspire and excite. Images showing someone’s face getting scanned which looked more like a new feature of the phone was that it Maced you.

These new features are there to replace a completely acceptable, working, quick, easy and single step function that was the finger print Id. Simple and quick and not requiring too much faff. Apple had that down on point and theirs was known to be the best. What do they do? Replace it with something that was shown at launch could be finicky despite Apple saying it wasn’t a technical error. Has more steps than before and as we’ve seen before with face recognition on Xbox with their Kinnect which very much wasn’t.

I imagine come the time when the masses get their hands on the new phone, there will be plenty of tweets of failed logins and issues galore. Followed by some statement by Apple that people are using their faces wrong! Apple could have created some means of advancing the finger print scanner, rumors at one point suggesting that it would be at the side or even embedded in the screen, but to replace something that works very well and is one single action and quick, with something that requires three actions if using apple pay, slower and a good chance it will crap out. Why? Well to sell something of course, but it doesn’t push us into making life easier, it could simply create something that makes us look more of a tit, causing delay for yourself and everyone else whilst your phone tries to figure out that you are now wearing a hat and have a mustache today Mrs Smith! Technology is incredible, but I wish we could simply stop trying to fix a problem that didn’t need fixing, creating something that is more complex, slower and likely to cause more hassle than it would ever solve, simply to sell us something new.

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