Amazon To Close Love Film Rental Service

The writing was always on the wall. First it was the independent DVD rental shops that were eaten up by the huge monster that was Blockbuster rentals; was a sad day, down the Victoria High Street, when Les, who had owned the Pimlico DVD rental shop for years had to close his doors one last time. Due to Blockbuster appearing down the road…. it took us about 10 mins to get over it when we stepped inside. Blockbuster fared for a while, but the launch of postal rental services of which Love Film was one of the first and at one time, one of the largest rental services in the UK. Amazon bought them out a few years later and then came along a new Internet based service called Netflix. What wizardry is this… movies and TV shows, that I can watch as many times as I like, from an ever growing library for a fixed monthly fee! I will have some of that.

…. time passed

Amazon launched their own service, which was pretty poor at first, but has improved massively over the years. However, Love Film was always there, sending out DVD’s to those that wanted them. Sadly the cost of the service increases exponentially as Amazon pushed prices and up and up and limiting the number of movies you could rent out in one go.

It was always, always going to happen. Amazon today announced that on 31st October 2017, Love Film by Post will no longer be available. Demand was low and costs were high, profits next to non existent with the cost of postage going up and up.

RIP Love Film, I wonder what Les is doing now…

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