Acer’s Tiny 4K Projector

The Acer VL7860 is a 4K projector, that can project an image up to 120cm in 3840 x 2160 pixels, it has a wide colour gamut, HDR and a maximum contrast of 1,500,000.1 with a brightness of 3000 lumens. It also has some built in speakers too! Sounds all very par for the course of any 4K projector right?

Yes to a degree, until you have a look at the size of this thing, or more to the point the lack of size. This device is tiny, coming in at only 50cm long and 33cm wide. The chip inside isn’t true 4K, but with some clever mirror switching the human eye can’t tell that is happening to produce the above pixel definition.

If that is not bright enough for you, there is the Acer P8800, it’s slightly bigger brother, which offers 5,000 lumens.

No pricing announced yet, but given that 4K projectors are not cheap right now and it’s going to be some time till they are, we can expect a hefty retail price.

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