4K TV For Your Xbox One X – 6 Things You Should Consider!

It’s here, finally. You’ve got your hands on your new Xbox One X, you are excited and rightly so, it’s a beast. But to get the best from the Xbox One X, you need something much more than just the latest games or updates, you need a 4K TV.

So you’ve got your Xbox One X, you’ve drooled, like me over Forza and now you are starting to wonder, hmmm, this 1080p HD TV aint cutting it anymore, time to upgrade.

Well you are in luck, not only are the Thanksgiving black Friday sales around the corner, but 4K TV’s are now cheaper than ever. That’s a great thing and from what I’ve heard there are some great offers coming on 4K TV’s. But, but! You need to pick carefully, because get it wrong and that 4K TV’ won’t serve your Xbox One X very well at all.

Here are SIX things you must consider:

1 – 10 bit panel.

The Xbox One X outputs 10bit HDR, not Dolby Vision, not 8 bit. 10 bit. You got that. So make sure your TV is a 10bit panel. This is hugely important. Thankfully, there are a lot of 10 bit panels, but do your home work. As have I for you below in the links. Those are some 10 bit 4K TV’s there. Without a 10bit 4K TV, HDR will not be utilized properly.

2 – Panel Speed. It’s pointless having a panel that takes forever to respond to you playing a FPS or driving game like Forza. This results in smudging and blurring. Make sure your panel has a fast response time, anything below 20ms is good. Many TV’s have a GAME setting that will turn off a lot of the processing, to enable a faster response time, look out for that too.

3 – Go big or go home!

4K deserves a big, big screen. Don’t bother with anything less than 50 inches. Ideally anything above 65 inches is better. Anything less that 50 inches and you will not notice much difference when you’re watching movies and more, let alone playing games.

4 – LED or OLED

Depends on your budget and what’s in the sales. LED is cheaper and some of the higher end panels over great colour and blacks. However, OLED is the king of deep blacks and vivid colour. The difference is that OLED each pixel is it’s own light source, where as an LED is back or side lit in blacks or panels, which can lead to light bleed. If you can afford an OLED, get one.

5 – Sound!

4K TV’s since they are super thin, tend to have pretty crappy sound. At the very least consider a sound bar, or a surround setup. This will transform you viewing of movies and your games to a new level. Don’t forget that the xBox one X is Atmos, which adds height to your audio and surround – so when a helicopter flies over, it litterally flies over your head, rather than around.

6 – Calibrate

When you get your TV, calibrate it, but don’t use anything like the stupidly expensive Geek Squad services or Best Buys calibrations etc. I’ve got plenty of videos that explain to you how to calibrate your TV.

Those are the 6 things you should consider and do when you get your shinny new TV for your Xbox One X. See you Xbox Live: stu2469

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