What Will Be The Next Wow Moment In Tech?

Remember the days when Space Invaders was the bleeding edge of tech, and a plastic Kettle – which my Dad designed and developed for, was the future of tech in the Kitchen. When a CD player was the best sound you could hear. Plasma, HD, Bluray, LED, QLED, 4K, Netflix, Tidal, Amazon, YouTube, Tesla, VR, The Internet of Things and the iPhone X…. what next, where next, why next?

Ah technology, don’t you love it. Here we are not far away from the iPhone X, the X Box One X being released and more VR stuff in the pipeline that you could shake a virtual stick at. But think, when was the last time you went Wow, I mean really, Wow at the launch of tech? I believe, like me, and for many, it was the iPhone and nothing much since. Perhaps a bit with VR, more so when I tried and bought into VR, but the cumbersome nature of it, pulled me out, rather than pulled me in mostly – but that will improve hugely.

So what is next? Will we ever get another iPhone moment. I certainly don’t think we will from Apple, which is basically run by penny counting accountants who simple do not innovate. Microsoft, well other than improving an OS and business software, not much else. Still, their OS now in my opinion is better than Apples for computers and this from an ex huge Apple fan boy. Samsung, they have done well, enormous, but I think they may come out with something, a foldable phone, but that’s not hugely wow.

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure what could be the next big thing and from whom! The trouble is, I keep drawing up a complete blank! Self driving cars are pretty cool, but it’s going to be a drip, drip that we will be board of them when they are more common place. 8K TV’s, yeah true, I’m sure they will look just as good as 4K. VR could be the one, but the cat is out of the bag and there is no surprise. Consoles are just getting more powerful but fundamentally games are not changing hugely.

What am I missing? What could be the next big, wow, moment in tech? The iPhone X is certainly not it. Where as the iPhone was. Where and what next?

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